What We Offer

Digitizing the SME Loan Process

Online-process, SME evaluation and IT - all from one source. SMEs often find getting a loan cumbersome. 8% of all Swiss SMEs could use a loan, but never even apply for one. We take the loan process for banks into the digital age.

Increase Efficiency

Significantly reduce the time & effort to process loan applications.

Optimize Services For SMEs

Allow SMEs to anonymously test their eligibility and get a loan quote within a couple of minutes.

Enhance Your Digital Offers

Add another feature to your digital product range.

How The Product Looks

The SME Loan Calculator

"With only a few inputs from my financial statements I knew if I would get a loan. The Loan Calculator saved me a lot of time and helped me make a decision."

Seamless Integration

Your Design - Our Technology

Directly integrated on your website, adapted to your design, seamlessly integrated into your process flow - The OnLoan Loan Calculator guides your customers to a result in three simple steps.

The Bank Cockpit

“The Cockpit is great, it has everything in one place and works perfectly with our existing processes.”

Easy Interaction

Your Single Touchpoint

The Cockpit lets you control every aspect of your online loan offering. Access loan inquiries, define the parameters for automated loan volume estimation, interest rate thresholds and much more.

Why SMEs Love Our Solution

Benefits for SMEs

SMEs often find getting a loan cumbersome. 8% of Swiss SMEs could use a loan, but never even apply for one. The OnLoan Solution helps address this problem.

Hassle-free access to Loans

SMEs need to provide less than 15 inputs to get immediate feedback on their loan eligibility. From everywhere at any time.

Transparent Processes

The OnLoan process provides constant feedback to ensure SMEs understand what is happening and why.

Anonymous Credit Check

Giving SMEs the chance to anonymously test their eligibility first, helps to address perceived hurdles and creates a save environment for the SME.

How it works


Online-process, SME evaluation and IT - all from one source. The OnLoan product includes everything you need to offer digital SME loans.

Made for the Digital Age

Our fully automated process is specifically designed for the digital age and allows real-time qualification of loan inquiries - without losing accuracy.

Efficient Processes

The OnLoan process covers the entire loan application, while ensuring dynamic transitions to the traditional process if automation is not appropriate. Not losing any customer is key!

Highest safety standards

Servers and Data in Switzerland? Check! Minimal transfer of data to protect customer information? Check! Use of FINMA approved infrastructure? Check!

Our Team

Seamless, allround Service for our customers is driven by our passionate and well rounded team. We are continuously striving to improve our products.

Matthias Schaller

Product & Tech

Unconventional mix between business guy, numbers nerd and developer.

Volker Haushalter

Operations & Sales

Consultant turned entrepreneur, passionate about the commercial & organization side of things.

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